Studio Rental and Services

The Join Event Live Team at Venturetechnica is dedicated to making Syracuse and the greater Central New York (CNY) region the podcasting capital of the world!

Podcasting has been called the “second golden age of audio”. Its a trend that has been around for a while but has recently taken off like a rocket!

For businesses, modern podcasts are one of the best ways to support your brand and increase SEO by creating and marketing new, interesting and informative content.

Podcasts are also a great way to build your personal brand. Whether you are an author, musician, journalist or just someone who has always been told “you should have your own show”, podcasts are the vehicle you need to build your celebrity and/or establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

While anyone can record a podcast with basic equipment there are lots of challenges and limitations unless you invest a ton of money in high quality recording and editing equipment. Then you need the technical knowledge to make it all work.

Don’t turn your podcast venture in to a nightmare before it even begins!
Don’t bother investing thousands of dollars in staff and equipment, we’ve already done that!
Disruption Networks offers podcast studio rentals in our downtown Syracuse, NY and downtown Utica, NY locations. For a small fee you can come into our professional podcast studio and create your show with no equipment or technical know-how (on your part) required. We do it all for you from recording to distribution.

Some of our Capabilities Include:

  • Audio and Video recording
  • Audio and Video live internet broadcast
  • High quality phone integration – Conduct interviews by phone
  • Nationwide toll free call in number – Invite your audience to call in with feedback during the show
  • The Syracuse podcast studio has space for up to 4 guests
  • Show hosts or other professional media talent available
  • Green screen for custom video backgrounds
  • Audio and Video post-production
  • Podcast distribution – We get your show listed in all the major directories / apps
  • Custom show website / blog
  • Custom mobile app for your show
  • Online marketing, SEO

A typical podcast package includes:

  • In-studio recording
  • Producer/Engineer to handle all technical aspects of show
  • Basic post editing
  • Posting completed show to websites as applicable (Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, WordPress, etc.)
  • Delivery of show to you in raw format to use as you wish

Contact us for Specific Packages and Pricing