Norway sends first donut into space

Source: Mashable – Norway sends first donut into space

Scientists plus a weather balloon plus too much time on their hands equals what? Answer: The first donut to enter space. A Norwegian science group constructs the weather balloon, assembles the video rig and sends the donut boldly where no donut has ever gone before in this video. A tip from this group to home scientists that want to send their pastries to the moon: You need to get a permit in order to launch donuts into space So remember to pick up a “donut space launch” permit at your local city hall. Stephen Hawking sings beautiful cover of Monty Python’s ‘Galaxy Song’ Premature celebration: Runner loses race after celebrating too early Toddler is devastated that Hillary Clinton is running for president instead of him Fan with an Iron Throne toilet loves ‘Game of Thrones’ more than you Read more… More about Viral Video, Donut, Watercooler, and Videos

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