Newspaper Report Claims TIDAL Inflated Airplay For Kanye West And Beyonce


Inflated Numbers?

TIDAL, the music streaming company owned by JAY-Z, “has been accused of fabricating streaming numbers for KANYE WEST’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ and BEYONCÉ’s ‘Lemonade’ when the albums were first released on the platform in 2016,” reports FORBES. The initial report appeared in the Norwegian newspaper DAGENS NÆRINGSLIV, “grew suspicious of the high streaming numbers – 250 million for ‘The Life of Pablo’ in 10 days, and 306 million for ‘Lemonade’ in 15 days – considering TIDAL’s claimed subscriber-base is only 3 million users.”

The accusations, if true, had an impact on other artists, who may have received less than they should have in royalty payments.

FORBES notes, “According to reports by TIDAL, the company paid BEYONCÉ’s label SONY $2.5 million for ‘Lemonade,’ and paid WEST’s label UNIVERSAL €2 million for ‘The Life of Pablo’.”

JAY-Z and his lawyers claim this is “a witch hunt,” calling the story and its accompanying studies “a smear campaign,” full of “lies and falsehoods.”

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