NAB Show Tuesday: Sales, Podcasts, And The ‘We Are Broadcasters’ Celebration



By PERRY MICHAEL SIMON in LAS VEGAS: TUESDAY’s sessions at the NAB SHOW include a look at radio sales leadership, how “Big Data” should figure into radio measurement, and podcasting, including the transition of shows from podcasts to television, topped off by the first “We Are Broadcasters Celebration” with FCC Commissioner AJIT PAI among the celebrants.

Albright, Lindsey, Tarses, Braff, Moderator Sandra Gonzalez (CNN)

Taking Podcasts To The Video Masses

Actor ZACH BRAFF and Executive Producer JAY TARSES of “ALEX, INC.” and “UP AND VANISHED” and “ATLANTA MONSTER” producer DONALD ALBRIGHT and host/creator PAYNE LINDSEY discussed the transition of podcasts to television in a morning session on the NORTH HALL main stage.  The talk covered how podcasts can bring built-in audiences (LINDSEY said that podcasts can serve as “proof of concept” for a TV pitch), elements of podcasts that lend themselves to television (TARSES noted that “podcasts have built-in narration” that helps with exposition), and what makes a podcast a prime target for a TV adaptation (TARSES citing “great characters”).

Black, Clark, Hellum, Hendrich, Farber

Sales From The Top And On The Street

RADIO ADVERTISING BUREAU President/CEO ERICA FARBER headed a panel discussion on radio sales from both corporate and local perspectives, with the first featuring BEASLEY MEDIA GROUP/LAS VEGAS Sr. AD BRIAN BLACK, UNIVISION RADIO/SAN DIEGO AE MEGHAN CLARK, TOWNSQUARE MEDIA EVP, Radio ERIK HELLUM, and COX MEDIA GROUP EVP BILL HENDRICH talking about embracing change and disruption as opportunity (HELLUM said his company jumped into web design and targeted display when it saw money moving to digital), their visions for their organizations and how they are communicated to the staff (BLACK read the BEASLEY mission statement from his smartphone), training sales talent (with stories from BLACK and CLARK on their beginnings), mistakes they’ve made like not getting internal agreement before instituting change, and more.

More to Come

Later TUESDAY, the “We Are Broadcasters Celebration,” one of the events that replaced the traditional radio and TV luncheons, will be held with TOMMY MCFLY of ENTERCOM Hot AC WIAD (94.7 FRESH FM)/WASHINGTON emceeing, along with remarks by PAI, the annual CRYSTAL AWARDS and Engineering Awards announcements, an appearance by OLD DOMINION, and the TV Chairman’s Award presentation to actress KRISTEN BELL.

To celebrate ELVIS DURAN‘s induction into the NAB Hall of Fame, SAS AUDIO presented DURAN with a custom gold console for his new home studio. Duran, SAS’ Al Salci and Ed Fritz, Kelly

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