Local Ad Spending in Baltimore-Washington Will Top $7.9B In 2018 According To BIA Advisory Services


Baltimore/D.C. Data

Local advertising spending in the BALTIMORE-WASHINGTON metro area will reach $7.9 billion in 2018 across markets in D.C, MARYLAND, and VIRGINIA, according to BIA ADVISORY SERVICES’ 2018 U.S. Local Advertising Forecast.

The top six vertical market categories, which include retail, financial/insurance services, general professional services, automotive, restaurants and wireless telecommunications carriers (except satellite), represent more than 73% of the ad revenue, with total local spending going across traditional and online/digital media. BIA will present the firm’s local and nationwide advertising intelligence at LOCAL IMPACT DC on THURSDAY, MAY 10th at the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS (NAB) Headquarters in downtown D.C.

“The vibrant ad market and diverse population in the Baltimore-Washington corridor is reinforced by prominent vertical advertisers that are willing to spend money across multiple channels to reach their target audiences,” said BIA Chief Economist/SVP MARK FRATRIK. “Over the last five years, we’ve projected the rise of mobile and online as more mature technologies, such as those that deliver on-the-spot advertising, become available. Advertisers still remain committed to broadcast and traditional print partly perhaps because these channels remain consistent in their ability to connect with local consumers and synchronize quite well with digital advertising efforts.” 

Top Media Nationally And In Baltimore-Washington

The top spending categories in media for the BALTIMORE-D.C. market reflect the national advertising buying trends. Direct mail, local TV, and mobile are projected by BIA to reach $151.2 billion in the U.S. this year. BIA’s BALTIMORE-WASHINGTON forecast estimates that more than $5.7 billion will be spent between the top five media in the region: 

  • Direct mail ($1.99 billion) – 25.1%
  • TV Over-the-Air ($1.10 billion) – 13.9%
  • Mobile ($980.2 million) – 12.4%
  • Online ($912.1 million) – 11.5%
  • Radio Over-the-Air ($721.0 million) – 9.1%

Fastest Growing Vertical In Baltimore-Washington

The firm’s forecast shows that in the states of MARYLAND and VIRGINIA the wireless telecommunications carrier vertical market (minus satellite providers) is projected to grow by nearly 22% through 2022, with that business category putting their ad spend primarily in digital channels:

  • Mobile (+$49.6 million)
  • Online (+$14.3 million)
  • Email (+$3.1 million)
  • Newspaper Online (+$1.9 million)
  • Radio Online (+$1.8 million)

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