iHeartMedia Launches iHeartMedia Analytics Digital Attribution System For Broadcast Radio


New Analytics

iHEARTMEDIA is rolling out its own digital attribution system for broadcast radio, “iHEARTMEDIA ANALYTICS.” The service will use data from iHEARTMEDIA’s digital ecosystem to offer advertisers enhanced measurement including audience reach, branding metrics, and sales outcomes for iHEARTMEDIA radio ad campaigns, compiled in real-time. Also available will be measurement of a radio campaign’s impact on a brand’s website visitation, social media engagement, physical foot traffic, and more.

“We continue to see advertisers spend money on less effective mediums, simply because they provide a perceived level of measurability and accountability,” said iHEARTMEDIA Pres./Revenue Operations & Insights BRIAN KAMINSKY. “Now, marketers will be able to capitalize on the unmatched scale and reach of iHEARTMEDIA’s more than 270 million monthly broadcast listeners and receive the same kind of innovative real-time measurements, insights, and custom reporting they are accustomed to getting from digital media, quantifying the full power of radio — in addition, they can get attribution information that is missing from most of the digital marketplace.”

iHEARTMEDIA ANALYTICS joins other marketing optimization tools offered by the company, including the SOUNDPOINT programmatic ad buying platform and SMARTAUDIO, the platform that allows advertisers to deploy different ad messages depending on real-time triggers like weather, sports results, mortgage rates, and other events.

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