03.01.17 – Huge Local Talent Showcase this Weekend – EC Radio with Zee


Comedian Mike Pileggi invites everyone to attend Comedy CNYs upcoming Show on Saturday, March 4th at Cavallo’s in New Hartford, at 6pm. Zee also shares that Mike is the newest member of TheD, and will be working in production for ‘The Matt Masur Show.

Local artist Angela Johnson also sits in and joins the EC Gang in professing their love their love of the arts, and how the upcoming  ‘Utica Love Community’ Art Exhibit‘ is a great showcase for local artists to get their name out there, and for Utica residents to (re)discover their love of art.  The Art Exhibit is on Saturday, March 4th, same day as the ‘CNY Comedy Show‘, at Jordan Marcel Inc in Utica.  Two great events going off this weekend showcasing some of CNY’s large pool of talented artists.


Robby Danger and Tommy Artessa co-host again.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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