FCC Sets June 11th For End Of Net Neutrality



The FCC’s revocation of net neutrality will officially take effect on JUNE 11th.  The controversial “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” will be published in the Federal Register TOMORROW (5/11) to set the effective date 30 days from publication.

Chairman AJIT PAI issued a statement TODAY reading, “I strongly support a free and open Internet.  And that’s exactly what we’ve had for decades, starting in the CLINTON Administration.  The Internet wasn’t broken in 2015, when the prior FCC buckled to political pressure and imposed heavy-handed Title II rules on the Internet economy.  It doesn’t make sense to apply outdated rules from 1934 to the Internet, but that’s exactly what the prior Administration did.

“Now, on June 11, these unnecessary and harmful Internet regulations will be repealed and the bipartisan, light-touch approach that served the online world well for nearly 20 years will be restored.  The Federal Trade Commission will once again be empowered to target any unfair or deceptive business practices of Internet service providers and to protect American’s broadband privacy.  Armed with our strengthened transparency rule, we look forward to working closely with the FTC to safeguard a free and open Internet.

“On June 11, we will have a framework in place that encourages innovation and investment in our nation’s networks so that all Americans, no matter where they live, can have access to better, cheaper, and faster Internet access and the jobs, opportunities, and platform for free expression that it provides.  And we will embrace a modern, forward-looking approach that will help the United States lead the world in 5G, the next generation of wireless connectivity.  For months, many politicians and special interests have tried to mislead the American people about the Restoring Internet Freedom Order.  Now everyone will be able to see the truth for themselves.”

But Commissioner JESSICA ROSENWORCEL took a very different view, issuing a statement reading, “Today, the FCC gave notice that net neutrality protections will be taken off the books on JUNE 11.  This is profoundly disappointing.  The agency failed to listen to the American public and gave short shrift to their deeply held belief that internet openness should remain the law of the land.  The agency turned a blind eye to serious problems in its process — from Russian intervention to fake comments to stolen identities in its files.  The FCC is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law, and the wrong side of the American people.  It deserves to have its handiwork revisited, reexamined, and ultimately reversed.  I raised my voice to fight for internet freedom. I’ll keep raising a ruckus to support net neutrality and I hope others will too.”

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