Blog: Bill Maher is Wrong, Donald Trump is the Lesser of Two Evils

Opinion Blog by Matt Masur @MattMasur

“Why do you think Hillary Clinton would be a better President than Donald Trump?”

I posed that question as a reply to a comment on a fellow Bernie supporters’ Facebook post yesterday. The gist of the original post was that author would not be voting for Hillary should she become the Democratic nominee.

This is a sentiment many agree with judging by the “likes” and comments on this particular post as well as many similar posts and articles I’ve seen. It’s a trending hashtag even: #BernieOrBust. Although not every Bernie fan is on board with that. Whenever this conversation is brought up we always have the predictable dissenting liberal who says something to the effect of, “If you do that you give the White House to Trump and he’s so much worse than Hillary”. Bill Maher made the same point on his show this past Friday as he has many times previously. As much as I’m a Maher fan, I don’t know that he’s correct here.  

So now you are asking yourself: “Is this guy saying he really thinks Trump would be a good President?!”

No. No, I am not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form. Although, I would like to spit some reality at you as to why Trump could be less damaging to the country than Hillary.

The reason is simple. It boils down to one of the few points that I believe when she says it. That is that Hillary would be more effective in implementing policies and legislation. That, my friends the really scary thing.
Hillary vs trump which is the lesser of two evils?

Let’s look at this through the lense of the “lesser of two evils” theory. The theory is that even though Hillary is for fracking and private prisons and continuing the drug war and every other war that her backers can make a buck on, she’s still a better choice. The thought is even though her policies are horrible they are better than Trump’s insanity. Let’s be honest, that’s true but only if you believe both have an equal chance at implementing those policies. Which they do not.

Now this is where knowing which one is the “lesser” of the two evils becomes a little less clear. The reason is while both have horrible ideas, Hillary’s inside baseball, establishment everything guarantees more of her policies will get through. Donald on the other hand has no chance of building a wall and making Mexico pay for it. He’s got no chance of deporting all immigrants. Almost nothing he has proposed could possibly come to be. Especially since many are physically impossible.

While Donald Trump is clearly less attached to reality, that strong attachment Hillary has to everything that is wrong in our government may be far more dangerous. We don’t need to fear loony impossibilities but rather, probable legislation and policies that would continue hurting our nation. *cough* TPP *cough*

So, next time someone attacks a #BernieOrBust person with “we have to have Hillary over Trump” ask them why?


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