Art Bell Dies At 72



ART BELL, who dominated overnight radio on his syndicated “COAST TO COAST AM” for many years, died FRIDAY (4/13) at his home in PAHRUMP, NV at 72.  No cause of death has been announced pending an autopsy later this week.

BELL served in the AIR FORCE and worked in MONTEREY, CA on radio and TV before joining KDWN-A/LAS VEGAS for a local show in 1978, later moving into syndication as “COAST TO COAST AM” through CHANCELLOR BROADCASTING and later PREMIERE NETWORKS, broadcasting after 1988 from his home in PAHRUMP.  The show focused on the paranormal and conspiracy theories, with guests and callers given patience and space to make their claims.

In later years, BELL retired and returned several times under varying circumstances, first due to a threat to his family in 1998, then in 2000, related to the kidnapping of his son, and in 2007 to spend more time with his family.  He returned for various online and radio ventures until retiring for good in 2015.  Along the way, he bought and sold KNYE/PAHRUMP, moved to MANILA and then back to PAHRUMP, and hosted a show on SIRIUSXM for six weeks.

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