52815 The Crazy Fools at Saranac Thursday – You Should Be Here! Podcast

Audience members compete for Made in Utica Passports

Audience members compete for Made in Utica Passports

Note: This is an uncensored show. Listener discretion is advised.

It’s the second edition of 315Live’s newest show “You Should Be Here!”. In this episode you’ll hear our live broadcast from the second Saranac Thursday event of 2015.

Tonight’s band is The Crazy Fools. Bandmember Sean joins us for an interview to start the show. We’re then joined by a film crew from Hollywood who has come to Utica to shoot a movie called “The Falling”. The local interviews go on from there!  Then at the end of the show we brought up a couple guests to compete for #MadeinUtica passports.


This fun is just getting started. Join us ALL SUMMER for more live broadcasts from Saranac Thursday! Listen live with the 315Live app and/or subscribe to this podcast!

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