05.20.2017 – Lavar Ball, J Boys Echo & Joakim Noah’s Parents – The Danger Zone Oddcast, Ep. 7


What we covered today, via #TheMandryMinutes

  • This year they’re gonna have a new race at ‘The Preakness’ w/ a minimum 250 lb jockey, and you can feed your horse Adderall
  • In music news, after the passing of Chris Cornell, Soundgarden has decided they will continue their tour with everyone as Marionettes
  •  Joakim Noah has put Lenny Kravitz up for adoption
  • “Tiny Dick” is the Politically-Incorrect term for “Accomplished Go-getter”
  • In other sports news, The newest 30 for 30 will be called “J-Boyzz in ‘da Hood”, featuring Tara Reid.

–Also, we will be starting a new segment called “Fortune Tellers” in the near future, because 2 weeks ago, Chris Mandry predicted Lavar Ball asking the shoe companies for $3 billion to make his son’s sneakers.  Chris also correctly predicted the winner of the ‘2017 Preakness’, Cloud Computing.  So, besides laughing your ass off for 2 hours, tune into #TheDangerZone Oddcast for hot gambling tips.

Joakim Noah w his parents, Lenny K & JJ Walker’s mom

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