05.13.2017 – Your Mother So… – The Danger Zone Oddcast, Ep. 6


…Exhausted!  Happy Mother’s Day, my fellow twisted souls!  We kick things off with a round-robin on our plans for Mother’s Day.  The show got nutty today, and all of use were in stitches laughing at some point.  We first recapped the Derby, and which horse was…our horse.

On Sunday, Derek Jeter is getting his #2 retired by the Yankees, which would leave the team with ZERO single digit numbers left.  We look  up some of the other players who have busts in Monument Park.  Staying on the Jeter theme, we rank and gawk over DJ’s “Dating Diamond” of women he’s banged…Wow!  You know youre a stud when your slumpbuster is Mariah Carey.  Zee sat with us for the last few segments. Weird News stories all centered around crime, drugs/alcohol and/or sexual deviants.  Once again, Mandry Minutes was on point.  We covered some other topics, too.

Mandry Minutes – What we learned on today’s show..

  • Its Mother’s Day, and you know what that means? Your Mom has had sex at least once, and that person came in her pussy
  • The Yankees have retired so many numbers, that they will start using letters for the 2018 season
  • Rob gave his mom a gift certificate for me to give her a 2 1/2 hour Neuro massage for Mother’s Day
  • In breaking news, Trump has appointed himself as FBI Director
  • Rob Anderson’s 1st IMDB gig is Rob Anderson is Peter Gabriel as Phil Collins in VH1 Behind the Music of Genesis
  • In Kentucky Derby News, JAYyy-BOYYZzz Echo let Always Dreaming win because he’s gay for him
  • Start drinking your own pee now, cuz your gonna have to start drinking your own pee from now on in your beers.

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