05.11.2017 – Spencer Morgan & Bin Hamin!! – EC Radio with Zee


I’ve had this show circled on my calendar for weeks!  Today I get to meet professional wrestler/comedian Bin Hamin.  a white American male who gets paid to dress like a crazy, Middle-Eastern Sheik and either tell jokes, or beat people up, depending on the day.  He doesn’t break kayfabe for the interview either, remaining in character as he told us about his podcast and the wrestling business, among other things.   My guest for the last hour is Spencer Morgan, a very talented local musician from the band Last Left.  This is a milestone interview because Zee and Spencer had a falling out 5-6 years ago  over incident at  Zee’s old bar, The Electric Company, the mythic place from which #ECRadio takes its name.  Spencer and I get to finally squash our beef, make nice, then talk some music,  Spencer also plays a few songs, too.  Also in studio were Brother D, and, later, Robby Danger from “The Danger Zone Oddcast“.  They are mutual friends with both Spencer and Zee, and the only reason this peace summit happened.  Thanks, guys!


Spencer Morgan and Devin Blake LIVE on EC Radio

Posted by Disruption Networks on Thursday, May 11, 2017


Bin’s wrestled against many of the all-time greats.

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