04.29.2017 – Tell ’em Phil Collins Sent Ya – The Danger Zone Oddcast, Ep. 4


Hubs on temporary assignment, or maybe he’s been kidnapped…not exactly sure.  He hasn’t appeared in the obits yet, so that’s good at least.  Brother D and I called off the search for our beloved conscience and voice of reason long enough to have a show.  Our longtime friend, man about town, and amazingly talented comedian/musician, Chris Mandry, filled in admirably as Special Guest Co-host.  Danger Zone’s Show Summary will now forever bear his name.

Mandry’s Minutes – Show notes, in 60 seconds…
1. Garey Busey’s IMDB
2. Axl Rose is an asshole
3. Nobody works for ESPN
4. Concerts are good; U2 is not!
5. LaVar Ball will counter $2 Billion to shoe companies for rejecting his $1 billion offer
6. little people = BIG RATINGS!!


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