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The Most Interesting, and Awkward, Man in the World, Robby Danger, is in studio talking about his long-anticipated new podcast, “The Danger Zone“, which records its official first episode” this Saturday.  He shares what subject matter will be discussed, briefly describe a few segments, and boasts the show will feature a lot of fresh, raw, uproarious comedic material as well.  Rob states the show will feature honest, well-researched news as well,  and wants it to be both a source of entertainment and education for the listener.  The Kindness Company is also back in studio to award Utica Comets Tickets to the winner of the “Random Act of Kindness Contest”, where people submitted story of how they helped someone  to them via the company website.  Many people participated, and we all want to personally thank each and every one of you, as you’re all winners and should be proud.  The official winner of  contest, though, had their story read on air by Daniel Gutko, one of the event organizers.  The winner of the contest was none other than our very own Robby Danger. The good deed that won him those two Comets tickets was the story of him shoveling his elderly neighbor’s driveway during ‘Winter Storm Stella‘.   You can read his letter in its entirety below.  What a great guy Robby is!  He ended up having a great day, too!\

EC Radio with Kindness Co 04.12.17

EC Radio with TheKindnessCo

Hello friends at The Kindness Company,

My name is Rob Anderson, although you know me as Robby Danger.  I work at Disruption Networks and was co-hosting the EC Radio in which your company appeared.   I just wanna say I love what you’re doing. Its a very noble cause, and its inspired me to be a better person. On March 14, Winter Storm Stella ravaged Central New York, leaving city streets covered with 4 feet of snow, undriveable and littered with dozens abandoned cars. Many schools and even some work locations were closed for rest of week. It is during these desperate times that people should be the most generous, to help their fellow neighbor through a difficult time, and that’s just what I did. During the storm, after the first wave of heavy snow and brisk wind, I saw my neighbors struggling, some in panic mode at the severity of the storm. I immediately hopped into action, bundling up, grabbing two shovels and high-stepping through the knee high (at that time) snow in my front yard over to my neighbor’s house. She was a very elderly woman, in her 90’s. She had a lot of medical issues, diabetic, heart trouble, among others, and was in her house, virtually trapped. She had just gotten out of the hospital and if, God forbid, something should happen, there was no way to get her to the hospital, as an ambulance, if it even made it up my steep hill, would have had nowhere to park, and no one was gonna carry her out. So, I spent 3 hours shoveling her driveway. I didn’t just shovel to make a path to her front door, but i shoveled the whole thing, so two cars could park there, and there was a clear path up to her door. My neighbor was a very kind, friendly woman,as was her family. They couldn’t make it to her house to shovel because they no doubt were trapped wherever they were. I exhausted myself, but it felt so good, both physically and spiritually, to help someone out like that. SHe was very grateful. She baked me cookies the next week lol. Such a nice woman, but I would have done that for anyone. It just helped that she was such a sweet little old lady. lol. Thanks for inspiring me! Keep on making the world a better place to exist, one good deed at a time!


Robby “Danger” Anderson


Wednesday April 12, 2017

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