04.01.17 – WE’RE BACK!! – The Danger Zone Oddcast, Ep. 1


‘Rush Hour Rebellion’ fans, the tortured, pointless, boring lives you’ve all been leading since Dec 2, 2015 are finally back on track, as your favorite nitwits are here to apply a defribulator to your will-to-live…that’s right, WE ARE BACK!  Brother D, The Hub and Robby Danger (The artist formerly known as Big Poppa) have returned to the airwaves with our new show’- ‘The Danger Zone Oddcast‘, on Disruption Networks.  We changed our name because the show tapes at 11am on Saturday, and there’s not a lot of gridlock going on then.

Our name and station might have changed, but we haven’t.  We still spew political incorrectness and share that twisted sense of humor you all know and love.  Best of all, our great, easy flowing chemistry is still very much alive, so fear not, beloved Rebels, we got your back if you give us your ears.

Episode 1– We recap what’s happened in the world since we went off the air, update everyone as to what we’ve been up too, and rant about various things, including our abomination of a President.  We also hotly debate whether a trilogy should be considered a sequel.  All this, plus we bring back our most beloved segment from Rush Hour, “Weird News”…oh, and our normal hilarious antics.  It’s So good to be back!!  Stay tuned…we have a whole lot of new, hilarious segments planned.

The Rebellion

Us- Last Rush Hour, 12/2/15

old guys

Us- Present Day







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