03.10.17 – Nineball, The Encore (FB Friday)- EC Radio with Zee


It’s Facebook Friday, and Zee has Scott Henderson from Nineball back to continue discussion that was cut short due to time yesterday.  Also, the gang discuss their favorite video games of all-time, a poll question which got a lot of feedback from listeners throughout the show.  ‘Massucci’s Mail Sack‘ contains rare gems from another action figure franchise from the early 1980s.  On sour note, Zee breaks bad news that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade scheduled for tomorrow on Varick Street has been posponed, as has Team Disruption’s promotional event at O’Donnell’s Pub and Grille.  Robby Danger in studio for a few segments, too.

Friday, March 10, 2017

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**Videography for Facebook Friday done by Todd Williams, of Applebox Video



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