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The Matt Masur Show

/ LIVE Mon-Fri 12-3pm
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EC Radio

/ LIVE Mon-Fri 3-6pm
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01.16.18 EC Radio with guests Flesruoy Llik, Amigo and Chucky Love
01.15.18 EC Radio with guest Tommy Lamach from the Utica Area Restaurant Review
01.11.18 EC Radio with Zee, Chicken and Drama. We are celebrating 100,000 podcast downloads!
01.10.18 EC Radio

Back Talk

/ Tues & Thurs 10a-12p
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January 16, 2018
01.16.18 Back Talk with Tommy Drama
January 12, 2018
01.12.18 Back Talk with guests Adeline VanDyke and Amigo
January 9, 2018
01.09.18 Back Talk with Tommy Drama. First show of 2018!
December 19, 2017
12.19.17 Back Talk with Tommy Drama