For Businesses: Digital Content & Guerilla Marketing

Market to new customers in the places & on the devices that has already captured their attention!

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In-person Guerilla Marketing

To reach your ideal customer we employ multiple out of the box marketing strategies that marry the digital world with live in person events like concerts, festivals, shows and other events that draw massive crowds. We energize and inspire already captive audiences and point them towards your products and services in a way no other marketing team can!

Attention Grabbing Video

Multimedia content is king! Disruption Networks creates the best videos to distribute on all platforms from YouTube to Facebook Live and many others. From traditional commercials to explainer and how-to videos. We create videos that get views.

Live streaming

Live Stream your Meeting, Conference, Wedding, or other Event to participants around the globe. we  can stream your event across YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Vimeo, Livestream, Periscope, Internet Radio and other platforms. We can even create private and pay-per-view events.

Podcasting for Fun & Profit

Podcasts are one of the best methods of content marketing out there. We create custom podcasts that help explain causes and build fans of your brand. We have professional podcast studios in downtown Syracuse, NY & Utica, NY for rent as well as a mobile setup we can use to podcast from almost anywhere.

Boogie Down | The Matt Masur Show Podcast
B2B Social Marketing

Social Media marketing isn’t just for consumers. B2B Social Marketing can help your company reach other companies.  Disruption Networks manages your entire social strategy  from dramatically increasing your fans, friends and followers to posting engaging content that keeps your brand on their mind.

Your Own Internet Radio Station

Disruption Networks can create a custom high quality internet radio station for your company or cause. Great for use as background music in your office or store or for unique messaging to be played as hold music. We can integrate your station with your website and mobile apps. We can even create emergency broadcast stations which you can use to quickly spread information around the world in real time.

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Syndicated Content

Disruption Networks produces and distributes some of the best content around! We have not only individual radio, TV and podcast shows to syndicate, we offer create entire syndicated channels with full schedules of content we fully manage. We can exponentially increase your inventory and offerings to dramatically grow your revenue.

Custom Media Apps

Many existing media company apps do nothing more but allow a user to stream a single channel ignoring the unlimited number of other features and revenue opportunities modern apps provide. We work to maximize sales opportunities and create addicting apps the people can’t put down. iPhone, Android, Roku, Chromecast, we create media apps for every platform!

Traditional Media Companies: we bridge the gap into #NewMedia

Traditional Radio, TV, Print Companies… There is a real good chance your digital presence (or lack of) is leaving HUGE piles of money on the table!
Disruption Networks helps you capture that revenue with our unique ways of leveraging your existing strengths and combining them with the latest technologies.

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For Audiences: New Live Content Broadcast Daily

Live Channels

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Disruption Networks provides multiple live online radio channels to keep you informed and entertained!

For community programming with Local, Business & Educational programming check out The C

For uncensored comedy, sports, music and current events talk take a listen to The D

New channels launching all the time!

Featured Shows


EC Radio is hosted by Anthony Zee Donaldson and his cast of social outcasts, misfits and other random people from Utica, NY

EC Radio is Broadcast LIVE
Monday – Friday 3-6PM EST

Monday Show | Matt Masur Show Podcast

The Matt Masur Show is a daily uncensored radio show / podcast where new media entrepreneur Matt Masur and his crew talk news, business, comedy & more

The Matt Masur Show is broadcast live
Monday – Friday 12-3pm EST

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